Houthi missile hits Saudi civilian area in Najran

Najran (OIC-UNA) � A ballistic missile was fired from Yemen toward the Kingdom’s southern border in the early hours of Friday, spokesman of the Arab Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen, Col. Turki Al-Maliki said.

The missile, he said, was directed at the southern border village of Najran targeting a civilian populated area. The missile landed on a residential complex inhabited by resident workers. A fire at the site was put out leaving extensive property damage and only one minor injury to a worker was registered. Col. Al-Maliki said that this hostile act by the Houthi armed militias is the result of the continuous arms and missile smuggling from a regional party supporting them to threaten the security of Saudi Arabia. He added that the launch of ballistic missiles toward populated cities and villages violates international law.

UAE soldier killed: An Emirati soldier has been killed in southern Saudi Arabia while taking part in the Saudi-led campaign against Houthi rebels, the United Arab Emirates military said. The body of corporal Saeed Matar Al-Kaabi was repatriated on Friday, the official WAM news agency reported. The military said Kaabi was killed while “performing his national duty” in Najran province bordering Yemen, without elaborating. Some 100 Emiratis have been killed in Yemen since the Saudi-led intervention there began in March 2015.

Source: International Islamic News Agency