Harassment of Female Visitors and Drug Peddling Commonplace in Attock Jail


A report from Punjab Home Department’s Provincial Intelligence Center (PIC) has unearthed a plethora of crimes occurring at the District Jail Attock.

According to the report, crimes like harassment of female visitors, bribery, and drug peddling have become commonplace in jail.

Furthermore, prison staff is directly involved in delivering drugs to inmates via female visitors. The report continued to state that the current drug trafficking system operates freely and makes all types of narcotics easily accessible at high costs.

In addition, prisoners who have been tasked with carrying out their duties at the jail’s dining hall free themselves by paying Rs. 5,000 per month to prison officials, forcing poor inmates into fulfilling those duties.

Also, low medicine supply force the inmates to purchase medicine from outside, which is difficult for the underprivileged prisoners. Additionally, officials also take bribes to allow visitors to come to the facility regardless of the specified meeting time.

In fact, wealthy visitors are often permitted to hold an in-person meeting in the Deputy Superintendent of Police’s (DSP) room by paying a bribe of up to Rs. 10,000. Moreover, prisoners are also allowed to order food from outside after paying bribes.

In this regard, PIC has ordered a high-level investigation and has directed female police officers to closely monitor female visitors.


Source: Pro Pakistani