Halal Food Accreditation programme to be launched from January

ISLAMABAD: In order to boost up export and local sale the government has announced to launch Halal Food Accreditation programme form January next year, as sectoral committee give go-ahead, which was pre-requisite to launch Halal Food accreditation scheme. The first sectoral committee meeting held here on Tuesday under the chair of Director General Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) Anjum Bashir. The meeting was attended by different religious scholars, representatives of the chambers and various private sectors.

The Director General told the participants that Halal food accreditation scheme would be launched form next month and in first phase only food sector will be accredited. “The $ 4 trillion Halal market is fast growing further with more consumer awareness not only in food sector but also in non-food products, like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare, toiletries and other non-consumables”, Anjum Bashir said, adding that Pakistan being Islamic country need to benefit of this opportunity and once recognized Halal certified goods/services chain starts, it will help local sale and export.

Representative of the private sector, scholars, Ulema and other stakeholders appreciated the efforts of PNAC in this regard. It is pertinent to mention here that as per procedure, usually seven members were selected for any sectoral committee, but in view of the importance of Halal Sector, cross section of people were invited to deliberate on the two documents prepared by PNAC that the documents are required to be adopted so as to enable PNAC to move forward for launching of Halal Accreditation Scheme.

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