Gulf Cooperation Council relationship with Pakistan has to be mutual: Suhail Al-Zarooni

Karachi, April 15, 2015 (PPI-OT): UAE Business Group Chief and Chairman of Al-Zarooni Foundation, Suhail Mohammad Al-Zarooni, while keeping in view the grave situation in Yemen, requested the government of Pakistan to join the coalition with Saudi Arabia in order to demonstrate its deep-rooted brotherly relations and must also review the resolution pertaining to staying impartial which was passed by the Pakistani parliament.

In a statement issued, UAE Business Group Chief asked the people of Pakistan to realize the seriousness of situation and force their government to review its decision taken by the parliament, besides pray for continuation of brotherly relations between GCC and Pakistan.

Expressing sheer disappointment over passing of resolution by Pakistani parliament, he said the gulf nations have been Pakistan’s greatest ally in the region since their existence. The relationship has been mutual or more on brotherly terms rather than commercial interests, he noted, adding that but sadly a few feel that though the GCC nations have gone many times ahead supporting the Islamic republic in all the turmoil but some have made to belief that this relationship is no more mutual.

Chairman Al-Zarooni Foundation pointed out that when Pakistan was facing trouble in maintaining its foreign exchange, it was Pakistanis living in GCC who remitted approximately 50 percent of the total remittances and GCC today needs Pakistan’s support so they must express solidarity with GCC.

Pakistan has been striving to come out of political, social and economic for the past many years but GCC has been wholeheartedly inviting Pakistanis to come to this region and avail an equal opportunity to grow and enjoy many rewards this region offers in terms of economics and profession. GCC has been there for their brethren in times through thick and thin.

He said that Pakistani parliament and Senate jointly passed a resolution stating that Pakistan must remain neutral in the issue of Yemen. Many reasons were given inclusive of sectarianism. “What I cannot understand is that the country, its government and Army want to remain neutral in the conflict of Yemen? What is the reason? What exactly Yemen has given to Pakistan in the past? Indirectly, it seems that Pakistan is taking a stand against Saudi Arabia and GCC”, he opined.

He was of the view that Pakistan Army and its establishment can’t ditch Saudi Arabia and GCC at this critical juncture by allowing Pakistan to remain neutral. He further said that violence in Yemen was not a sectarian issue as the fighters of Yemen were not classifying people as Shias or Sunnis. “How come the Pakistan Army and its government forget the recent incident in Peshawar school incident which was equal to the 9/11 incident suffered by Pakistan. How can they forget and ignore these elements”, he asked.

Suhail Mohd Al-Zarooni further said that it was a matter of grave concern that all political parties including MQM, PPP, PML-N, PML-Q and PTI voted for this resolution which was against GCC. He said that these politicians who have invested billions in the GCC can be oblivious of the fact that at this stage when their support is needed they have agreed to unanimously pass a resolution in the parliament.

He further stated that Pakistan must not forget historically whilst countries like US and Turkey when they supported Pakistan took advantage in return as international favours for their support like US’s desire to keep Pakistan engaged in Afghanistan and Turkey as recently who made Pakistan to vote in their favor instead of UAE during 2020 nominations. On the contrary, GCC nations have given Pakistan and its brotherly people support in all possible way with nothing in return.

Expressing sheer disappointment on passage of resolution, Suhail Mohd Al-Zarooni said that many other GCC nationals strongly believe that Pakistan must maintain mutually respecting relationship with GCC. “I am sure that Pakistanis would not let their government ignore this fact. Since this breakdown in relationship may affect their lives whilst their leaders accumulate wealth and live comfortable lives in this region and may choose to go elsewhere in case of any unfortunate eventuality”, he added.

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