Government to import additional 0.2m tonnes of urea for Rabbi

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Mir Israrullah Zehri on Tuesday said requirements for urea for Rabbi Seasons would be met through an additional import of 0.2 million tonnes of urea if SABIC is approved.

The Minister said it while chairing a meeting to review the urea availability situation in the country. “The imported urea will be available at Rs 1500 per bag. We need about 3.4 million tonnes of urea while our local industry produces 2.4 million tonnes of urea. The gap has to be filled though import. The TCP is already importing 0.7 million tonnes of urea and we may import 0.2 million tonnes more to fulfil the requirements,” said the Minister.

He said increase in the prices of urea is too high and would adversely affect the poor farmers across the country. He said that the recent jump in prices is beyond any logic that needs to be brought down.

The Minister earlier presided over the 32nd Board of Governors (BoG) meeting of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) at PARC Headquarters Islamabad.

The Minister asked the agriculture scientist to work on such projects that could be completed in short times and meet their objectives. He added that farmers must be taken on board before launching any projects so that they get the targeted objectives. Zehri said the PARC must play a leading role to promote agriculture and livestock in the country.

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