Government should plan to avail benefit from Brazilian expertise in alternate energy sector: Ijaz Butt

Lahore, July 27, 2016 (PPI-OT):Brazil is one of the biggest global leaders in alternate energy sector and executing 42 percent of its total energy needs through renewable sources therefore government should plan to avail benefit from Brazilian expertise in this particular area.

In a statement issued here, Chairman Ijaz Butt and senior leader Mian Muhammad Ashraf said that Brazilian envoy had recently revealed at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry that Brazil is fulfilling 42 percent of its total energy needs through renewable resources that is eye opener for the countries like Pakistan which are abundant with alternate resources but producing petit amount of energy through these means.

Leaders of Founders Group said that Brazil has earned good repute in the field of hydro electric technology and in expanding commercial use of ethanol. We will certainly like to have the expertise of Brazilian experts who could share technical aspects and general information regarding production of ethanol (bio-fuel) by sugarcane and its usage in cars and power generation. It will certainly help Pakistan in reducing dependence on petroleum products.

They said that government should form a committee having the representatives of government and private sector in its fold for planning in this regard. They said that Brazilian envoy has already offered knowledge sharing with Pakistan in the renewable energy sector.

“Further delay would be harmful as country is already running short of energy. Reliance on conventional resources like thermal is one of the biggest reasons of energy crisis therefore Brazilian government should be requested to guide Pakistan in renewable energy sector”, they added.

Ijaz Butt and Mian Muhammad Ashraf said that bio energy can also be used to overcome electricity challenges besides making a considerable contribution to climate change phenomenon. They said that biomass energy has the potential convert a wide variety of wastes into clean energy besides being substitution for diminishing global oil supplies.

They said that bio energy can play a very vital role in production of carbon-neutral fuels of high quality. It can address many environmental issues, especially global warming and greenhouse gases emissions, and foster sustainable development among poor communities. Biomass fuel sources are readily available in rural and urban areas of all countries.

They said that Pakistan desperately needs some good alternatives and viable solutions in this connection. A wide range of biomass resources, particularly woody biomass and organic waste is available in Pakistan in abundance, so some serious efforts are required to be made to establish necessary modalities to commercialize it at a mega scale.

Leaders of Founders Group also urged the private sector to establish close contacts with their Brazilian counterparts which would help find new destinations for Pakistani products but would also pave way for transfer of technology from Brazil to Pakistan in the field of renewable energy.

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