Gas prices hiked by 13.5%

Karachi: Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has increased gas prices at an average of 13.55% for all consumers.

According to Alfalah Securities Limited, the gas input price for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has been increased to PkR 66.42 per 1,070 BTU for Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Balochistan and the Potohar region. While, the gas prices increased to PkR 63.11 per 950 BTU in Sindh and Punjab, ex. Potohar region. The gas prices for domestic consumers have been increased by PkR 17.34 per BTU / month. The commercial users would now be charged an additional PkR 63 per unit to a new gas rate of PkR 526.59 per MMBTU whereas; the minimum gas charges have also been increased by PkR 297 per month to PkR 2,485.88.

For the fertilizer industry, gas rates for fuel stock has been increased by PkR 52 per MMBTU to PkR 434 per MMBTU while, the prices of feedstock gas have remained unchanged due to the risk of a further hike in fertilizer prices. Prices of gas for Wapda and KESC have been hiked by PkR 54 per MMBTU to PkR 447 per MMBTU while for the Independent Power Plants (IPPs), gas prices have been raised by PkR 45 per MMBTU to PkR 377 per MMBTU. The hike in gas prices would be passed on to the end consumers.

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