Gas Load Management plan approved for the upcoming winter season – Alfalah Securities Limited

Karachi: The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has approved a gas load management plan for the upcoming winter season according to which, CNG sector would be provided with an uninterrupted gas supply during 4th to 11th November due to the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha after which it would be suspended for three days in Punjab.

According to Alfalah Securities, the ministry also informed that two out of the four fertilizer plants on the SNGPL would remain closed during November while, gas supply to the industrial sector would also be restrained for three days. Moreover, only two Independent Power Producers (IPPs) would be allowed to generate electricity from gas while others would utilize furnace oil for power generation. The ministry has also agreed that the supply of gas to Engro Fertilizer would be shifted from the SNGPL network to SSGC while 100 mmcfd gas would be made available to the fertilizer sector. It is feared that the economy would face severe jitters in the winter season as the gas shortage might reach up to 2 bcfd which would affect the overall business community.

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