French Muslims denounce manifesto calling for removing verses from Qur’an

Paris France’s Muslims on Monday denounced a French manifesto calling for certain verses of the Holy Qur’an to be removed, on the grounds that they incite anti-Semitism and killing of non-Muslims.

Rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris Dalil Boubakeur said the manifesto subjected French Muslims and French Islam to an unbelievable and unfair trial.

It creates a clear risk of pitching religious communities against one another, he said in a statement, adding that France’s Muslims are committed to the values of the Republic and have already condemned, for decades, anti-Semitism and racism against Muslims in all its forms.

Boubakeur cited a meeting of imams and Jewish rabbis, held on April 11, as a means of converging viewpoints and efforts to improve relationships between Muslims and Jews in France.

Meanwhile, France 24 website quoted Tareq Oubrou, imam of the Grand Mosque of the southern city of the Bordeaux, as saying that “it is extremely violent and ridiculous to say that the Qur’an calls for killing.”

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy was among a group of 300 French politicians and artists that issued a manifesto in Le Parisien newspaper on Sunday, demanding prominent Muslim leaders denounce certain verses in the Holy Qur’an as outdated.

Source: International Islamic News Agency