Formulation and Distribution Centre to reduce production cost of textile products

KARACHI: Formulation and Distribution Centre (FDC) established for textile products to reduce the production cost for local textile sector besides enhancing production in Karachi.

Huntsman Textile Effects (TE) in collaboration with Swisstex Chemicals launched its 13th FDC in the economical hub of Pakistan across the world to meet the diverting challenges of the industry.

Huntsman Vice President Kent Kyaal took this decision to switch the plants from the United States to Asian Region in response to the upcoming challenges and to bring the textile sector back on track.

He further said through the FDC, they would bring a 50 percent decrease in water and energy consumption.

He was of the view that Pakistan would be a key country for global textile sector in near future. International Textile Manufacturers Federation President and Gul Ahmed Textiles Chairman Basheer Ali Mohammad stressed the need to change the Pakistan and move forward to technical business instead of commodity.

It was the first state of art Formulation and Distribution Centre in the country to bring local textile sector in rank with the countries rapidly developing in regard with textile sector.

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