Asks: Does Your Facebook Need a Facelift?

LONDON, May 16, 2012/PRNewswire/ –If you’ve ever had a face makeover or know someone who has, you’ve seen how dramatic the improvement can be. But what about your Facebook cover? Does it need a makeover?

Most of us want to put our best face forward when we go out in public. Shouldn’t you do that on Facebook, too? After all, it’s one of your most important public faces. And how it looks says a lot about you. is a new website that connects users with Facebook-cover artists who will make them a new, professionally designed Timeline cover for as little as $2.99.

Starting today, users can browse cover designs on, choose their favorite and pay the artist to customize it with their photo and text. Users can also have their own unique Facebook cover idea designed by an artist of their choice.

“Our motto at is ‘Put your face on,’” says Director Milos Jokic. “Some people spend hundreds of dollars a year on clothes, accessories and cosmetics to improve their looks. With the help of, you can spruce up the way you look on Facebook for very little money. That means beautiful Facebook covers that attract attention aren’t just for celebrities, DJs and graphic designers. They’re for everybody.” can offer low prices without compromising individuality by allowing its artists to reuse their graphic templates so a cover can be customized in a matter of minutes. Because the templates are customized with user photos, the user’s Timeline cover will always be unique.

About foob Inc.

Foob Inc. was founded in January 2012 and operates its website at with employees who are based in the US, UK and Greece. For more information or to request press material, contact Milos Jokic at To watch a video, please go to


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