Focus on agri research to stem food insecurity: Chairman Pakistan Society Watch

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Society Watch (PSW) on Sunday demanded of the government to allocate additional funds for agricultural research to ensure food security in country and bring prosperity to the farmers.

Pakistan’s future is tied to agriculture therefore farming research should get due attention which can improve yields and reduce poverty among rural populations, said Mian Shahid, Chairman of PSW.

He said that government should ensure participation of private sector and the civil society in agricultural research which can improve productivity and enable farmers to remain competitive in the world markets.

Mian Shahid said that agricultural advances have a multiplier effect on the rest of the economy as it creates jobs and incomes in the other sectors.

Sizable investment in agricultural research will lead us to improvements in food quality, food safety, nutrition and betterment in environment, he said.

Prosperity among the farming community should be planned properly as around seventy per cent poor reside in rural areas, he said.

Mian Shahid said that food security has become a challenge for the world which is also an opportunity for the farmers to improve their standards of living.

He said that governments, international lenders and private sector are not very keen about developing agriculture which is a reason behind prevailing food insecurity.

He added that feeding increasing world’s population, projected to be nine billion by 2050, is responsibility of the agricultural countries.

Limited social and physical infrastructure is also contributing to poor technology adoption rates among farmers, said Syed Makhdoom Abbas, President PSW.

He said that most of the world’s absolutely poor live in rural areas where only agriculture is central to the development; a fact not realised by many.

However, Makhdoom Abbas said that there will be no peace when people choose between feeding their family and sending their children to school, when people must leave their homes to seek work in the slums and when farmers use next year’s seed for their meals today.

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