Fitcoin: Pakistan’s Aurora Solutions Develops Web 3.0 Fitness Platform for US Startup


Today, the world witnesses a groundbreaking fusion of fitness and blockchain with the release of Fitcoin, an innovative move-to-earn project that redefines how we approach physical activity.

Fitcoin uses blockchain to tokenize users’ calorie burn within an immersive proof-of-workout RPG (Role Playing Game) environment. This cutting-edge initiative promises to change the fitness game by offering users an exciting new motivation to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

The Fitcoin ecosystem is built by Aurora Solutions, a software development company based in Pakistan. The company has a strong and successful track record in building custom software solutions, mobile and web apps, as well as blockchain platforms for 200+ clients across the globe.

Through the revolutionary Fitcoin platform, Aurora Solutions has proven itself to be a reliable software solutions provider in the global market and also made a significant contribution to increasing Pakistan’s IT exports and revenue.

Fitcoin empowers its users to earn cryptocurrency rewards for their physical efforts. This revolutionary approach not only makes fitness more rewarding physically but also financially. Users can now transform their sweat equity into tangible value in the form of Fitcoin, NFTs, or real-world assets (Nike gift cards, etc.).

Mr. Alex Tima, CEO & Founder of Fitcoin, in an interview, shared his vision for the platform,

“Fitcoin originated from a desire to inspire and recognize a global need for increased movement and physical activity. By combining cutting-edge technology from Aurora Solutions with the elements of physical movement and gaming, our mission is to revolutionize how people perceive fitness, fitness apps, and blockchain.

Fitcoin provides a unique platform for users to earn rewards while improving their overall well-being, all within an engaging and enjoyable framework. Fitness takes on various forms – physical, mental, and financial – and Fitcoin emerges as the solution.”

Hear out from Mr. Umer Aziz, CEO of Aurora Solutions, as he shares his thoughts on the vision behind the development of Fitcoin,

“At Aurora Solutions, we’ve always been passionate about exploring the potential of blockchain to create meaningful impact. Fitcoin represents a merger of our dedication to innovation and commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles.

By developing a burn-to-earn platform within the fitness space, we aim to inspire individuals to stay active while gaining valuable rewards in the form of Fitcoin & NFTs.”

Key Features of Fitcoin

Gamification of fitness: Fitcoin uses a gamified approach to fitness, which makes it more fun and engaging for users. Users can earn Fitcoin tokens by burning calories, which can then be used for fitness/wellness merchandise, participation in fitness challenges for rewards, or even trading for other cryptocurrencies.

Tech Integration: Fitcoin seamlessly integrates with various fitness wearables, allowing users to track their calorie burn and overall progress effortlessly.

Immersive Proof-of-Workout RPG: Fitcoin provides an engaging real world Web3 RPG experience that captivates users with thrilling daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. Top athletes will receive incredible IRL rewards or performance-enhancing NFTs.

Source: Pro Pakistani