Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry condemns Worsening Situation in Lyari

Islamabad: Haji Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani, President, FPCCI, Mr. Tariq Sayeed, Vice President CACCI, former and founder President SAARC CCI and former President, FPCCI, Mr. S. M. Muneer, President, India-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and former President, FPCCI and other office bearers of FPCCI has expressed their serious concern and anxiety over the drastic situation in Lyari which is bleeding and devastating day by day affecting the business activities of entire Karachi.

They have regretted that the week-long police operation has still not been able to control the situation in Lyari where life has become miserable and pathetic. They said that the police operation has not yielded any fruitful outcome instead it has resulted in the loss of a large number of innocent lives while the miscreants are at liberty using rocket launchers, hard grenades and other deadly weapons. The people of Lyrai are at the mercy of the illegally armed persons who have terrorized the whole area.

They demanded that the police force should be reinforced by Rangers to control the situation before it goes beyond control by imposing curfew to get the control of the affected areas. They also demanded that necessary relief goods should be provided to the people of the affected areas of Lyari where supplies are off for the last several days.

The Lyari operation has not only brought bad name on national level but also on international level which is unaffordable for the business activities in Karachi.

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