Federal Minister invites Chinese investors

General Investment

Islamabad: Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar has said that the growing energy demand is a challenge for Pakistan yet it provides immense opportunities for Chinese investors to contribute overcome it while sharing the benefits.

Leading the Pakistani delegation in the 1st China-Pakistan Joint Energy Working Group (JEWG) meeting in Beijing on August 02, 2011 he said there is a deficit of around 5,000 MW in our system which could further grow in future due to rapidly increasing growth in power demand.

Deputy Administrator of National Energy Administration (NEA) of the National Development Reform Commission of China Qian Zhimin led the Chinese side in meeting. Syed Naveed Qamar said Pakistan has always encouraged participation of Chinese entrepreneurs investors’ and manufacturing companies to participate in the development of all sectors of economy especially in the power sector.

The Minister pointed out that there are already many leading Chinese companies actively engaged in various energy projects in Pakistan in different capacities. Pakistan is endowed with abundant natural resources like hydel gas coal and renewable energy that can be used for power generation purposes.

He pointed out that Pakistan has enormous potential for small to medium-sized and large hydro power projects. The identified hydropower potential in the country is around 60é000 MW majority of which is economically exploitable.

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