FASTWEB deploying Italy’s first 100G optical network

ISLAMABAD: FASTWEB, one of Italy’s largest broadband providers, is deploying country’s first 100 Gigabit per second (100G) per channel optical fibre network between Milan and Rome, says a press release received here on Thursday.

Using Nokia Siemens Networks technology, the network will be capable of simultaneously transmitting up to 40 wavelengths of light, each carrying data at 100G. This will allow a total data transfer speed of up to 4 Terabits per second.

The new 100G link will be operational in the last quarter of 2011. Its deployment will ensure an improved experience for people using the connection, with greater bandwidth and lower latency, or delay, in data transmission.

A 2008 report by TABB Group showed that a lower latency advantage of 1 millisecond (ms) is equivalent to more than $100 million in financial transaction revenue per year for NYSE Euronext trading partners*.

“We are witnessing high demand for bandwidth, driven by increased uptake of enterprise applications and rich, bandwidth-intensive smart device applications. The transition to a 100G channel optical transport network will enable us to fulfil the demands of our existing users as well as attract new subscribers by offering differentiated services,” said Mario Mella, chief technology officer, FASTWEB. “We chose Nokia Siemens Networks to offer a cost-effective transition path based on its deep understanding of our network and its proven technological expertise in optical transport networks.”

“Operators today have to deal not only with higher data traffic volumes but also with unpredictable traffic patterns. The move to 100G provides the answer; it allows operators to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience by avoiding bandwidth bottlenecks without making costly investments in laying more fibre,” said Francesco Salerni, head of the FASTWEB customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks.

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