Exports surged to $25 billion in 2011

KARACHI: The country’s exports have registered an increase of $4 billion during 2011 (January to December) as compared to the same period of 2010 due to rise in international commodity prices and depreciation in the real effective exchange rate, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan’s statistics revealed on January 25, 2012.

Exports were recorded at $25 billion in 2011 as against $21 billion in 2010, reflecting an increase of 19 percent or $4 billion. The increase took place despite severe energy crisis, rising tariffs, political instability and unstable law and order situation.

Analysis of cumulative exports in 2011 stated textile group contributed the highest share with $13.34 billion or 52.91 percent of the total exports, despite the fact that gas supply shortages led firms to cutback on production throughout the year, particularly in textile and fertilizer industries and forced power producers to operate below capacity. The resulting energy shortfall deepened further as the circular debt increased to unsustainable levels.

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