Exporters urged to protect shipments through factoring

Karachi: The Chairman, Towel Manufacturers Association (TMA) has advised the exporters to have safeguard measures in order to protect their export shipments being sent abroad.

At a seminar organized by a German firm DS-Concept Factoring on assurance of repatriation of export proceeds, Usman said that factoring of exports has made the exporters’ capital quite safe to some extent and exporters should get awareness of the facilities available to protect export shipments.

The Country Manager, Qaseem Jaffri said on this occasion that factoring could save exporters from financial crunch and they could ensure their future exports. “Factoring can assure the exporters of 80 per cent recovery of their shipments and they can maintain their goodwill in the market”, Qaseem said adding that agreement with Factoring also accepted by the importers as well. He said that exporters can get business intelligence of their buyers abroad and they could get away of unexpected and abrupt monetary loss. DS Factoring also offers loans to the exporters so that they could continue to their exports and fulfil their commitments in the international markets.

The invoice insurance of DS Factoring relieves exporters from many hardships in export market. He informed that many exporters have availed the services of DS Factoring and many exporters have become secured from bankruptcy.

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