Exporters stressed upon need to promote solar energy in Sialkot surgical industry

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SIALKOT –– Sialkot based surgical instruments manufacturers and exporters have stressed upon the need of promotion of solar energy in surgical industry of Sialkot, saying that it was the high time that every one should be waken now to play pivotal role in saving and flourishing Sialkot’s surgical industry, which was in dire need of technology of up gradation as well to meet the global trade challenges under this WTO regime. The surgical industry of Sialkot has a huge potential of increasing its exports globally and exploring and capturing the new international trade markets.

Surgical Instruments manufacturers Association (SIMA) of Pakistan has also sought the early proper governmental patronage for promoting the own brand developing of Sialkot-made surgical instruments and the easy access of Sialkot based surgical instruments manufacturers and exporters to the international markets, which have a great potential of consumption of Sialkot-made non-traditional surgical instruments, paving the way of increase in the declining surgical exports from Sialkot due to alleged negligence of concerned government functionaries and lacked continuity of the trade and export policies in the country.

According to the Chairman SIMA Waqar Ameen, more than one century old surgical industry of Sialkot was in dire need of modernization and adopting the positive steps for advanced standards of international marketing and brand developing could help to save the surgical industry’s titanic from sinking. He said that both of these sectors (own brand developing and international marketing) still remain ignored by the local manufacturers and exporters due to the alleged slackness of governmental institutes meant for promoting the trade and enhancing the national exports. Due to which this industry was remaining far behind than the developed countries’ surgical industries as well, he added.

He revealed that it was tragic to say that the Sialkot’s surgical industry was more than one century old. Its 90 percent products are exported but its annual exports have never crossed the figures of US $ 261 million annually during this century and till now.

Talking to the newsmen here today Chairman SIMA added that the Sialkot based surgical manufacturers and exporters have enough potential to capture the international markets of hospitals related surgical items, having market of US $ 1 billion, if government properly patronizes this industry, which has only 1 percent share in this world market consumption. He urged the local manufacturers and exporters to focus on the diversification of traditional to non-traditional exports with a sole aim to meet the global trade challenges in this WTO Regime.

He narrated “It is the high time that the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and other relevant authorities should come forward and consider on the points of own brand developing through adopting the modern standards of international marketing, which could help the surgical industry of Sialkot-Pakistan to increase its declining annual exports to US $ 400 million.

The surgical industry also urged the government to provide the advanced machinery (worth of Rs. 30 million) from Export Development Fund (EDF) for the capacity building of surgical industry. This machinery would be installed Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association (SIMA) of Pakistan, where a Common Facility Centre would also be established for modernizing the surgical industry. He urged the government to ensure the early provision of this important advanced machinery to the surgical industry.

SIMA Chairman added that surgical exports from Sialkot-Pakistan were showing the declining trend due to some unavoidable energy crisis, rising mark up ratio by the banks and unending non-availability of the skilled labour force to surgical industry.

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