Exceptional accountancy student wins an ACCA Award

Karachi –– Misbah Zubair Panwala from Karachi in Pakistan is one of 33 students to win a global award from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) for outstanding performance in their 2010 exams.

Misbah Zubair Panwala is an ACCA Prizewinner for scoring the highest mark in the ACCA Qualification for Paper P4 called Advanced Financial Management. In 2010, over 205,000 students sat ACCA exams, says press statement on April 18, 2011.

Arif Mirza, head of ACCA Pakistan, says: “Ms Zubair Panwala is a very hard working student, and she has already proven it in the past. This hard work and her efforts are now rewarded. This award is just a small way for ACCA to congratulate her.”

Misbah Zubair Panwala has a history of obtaining excellent results, as she also scored the highest mark in Pakistan for Paper F6 Taxation in June 2009 and Paper F9 Financial Management in December 2009. When asked what made her choose the ACCA qualification, she said: “For me the most attractive feature of ACCA in comparison to other professional qualifications was its flexibility in terms of exams. ACCA also offers BSc degree from Oxford Brookes University which is another opportunity that one can avail.

“Through ACCA I have achieved a globally recognised qualification that will enable me to work not only in my home country but also abroad. It will provide me with the competitive edge that is now required in the job market for any one who truly wants to succeed” she added.

After exam results are released, ACCA recognises exceptionally talented students from around the world. Awards are given to the highest performing ACCA and CAT students.

Arif Mirza says: “All the students who have won an award are truly exceptional. I hope they are successful in their future careers and they achieve the goals they have set for themselves.”

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