Engro answers all questions raised at Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority hearing

Islamabad, March 25, 2014 (PPI-OT): The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) held a public hearing on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, in Karachi on the applications filed by Elengy Terminal Pakistan Limited (ETPL) for the grant of license to undertake regulated activities related to liquefied natural gas (LNG) at Port Qasim, Karachi and for the grant of license for the transmission of natural gas.

The interveners present at the hearing, including PGPL and FOTCO who had also participated in the bid based on sites within the same vicinity, provided their comments, which were answered satisfactorily by ETPL. It was noted at the meeting that the Port Qasim Authority had initialed an IA, thereby showing that it has no objections to the terminal site.

CEO ETPL Sheikh Imran Ul Haque stated Engro Corporation had won the project based on open competitive bidding vetted by international independent consultants QED. He further added that the company had brought on partners of international repute with years of LNG experience to ensure that the project meets all legislative and international LNG codes and standards.

ETPL partners Excelerate Energy has the largest operating FSRU fleet in the world and Third Party Consultants Lloyd’s Register are acknowledged by over 50 accreditations bodies. ETPL has conducted a thorough Quantitative Risk Assessment study in line with NFPA, SIGTTO and PIANC guidelines wherein the QRA assessed the proposed sites of Engro.

The QRA were conducted by Lloyd’s Register and included simulation of 32 real time marine navigation scenarios, modeling of 65 risk dispersion cases and Hazard/Hazid identification. Participants in the study included PQA and their consultant ECIL. The studies concluded Brownfield site terminal as a safe and viable option, having certain operational advantages.

Additionally, Hazards of Operability (HAZOP) study for the project has been conducted in London in January 2014. This was attended by SSGC, PQA, Royal Vopak, Qatar Gas, Excelerate Energy, Technical Ltd and led by Lloyd’s Register. It is important to note that these are the same companies that have considerable experience in handling LNG terminals worldwide.

The conclusion was that the project meets all international safety requirements and stated that none of the identified hazards are thought to be unusual or to pose a level of risk which is higher from typical LNG marine terminal operations and all can be mitigated by appropriate detailed design and operational measures.

ETPL also showed the status of its legislative approval including DOE, SEPA, CAA approvals with MOD in progress. Engro will also implement its high safety standards based on DuPont in the new terminal and will obtain certification of OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, 14001: Additionally, ISPS and safety audits will be done by the PQA, SSGC, OGRA, Qatar Gas, and Excelerate Energy during and prior to commissioning the terminal.

We would also like to mention here that LNG industry has stringent safety standards and procedures in place and thus has an impeccable safety record, where no LNG related accidents/incidents have occurred in over 30 years of transit history and FSRU based import terminals.

Comments related to LNG safety were asked by interveners who were shown videos of British Petroleum showing that LNG is an environmentally viable resource. According to the Sandia Report 2005, distance of more than 750 meters poses low threat to the public.

Also Lloyd’s Register in its Consequence Analysis report for ETPL has concluded that the Permanent Exclusion zone for the project is within the Berth Pocket only and thus the Project will have no impact on the channel or other port vessels.

The PQA representative at the hearing stated that PQA has a commendable safety and security record over the last 40 years and already professionally handles vessels (with Paraxylene, Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, Ethylene cargoes) and much larger vessels than the proposed LNG vessels. PQA are in the process of developing LNG handling SOPs.

As a company, we continually strive on providing our services and our expertise in a transparent and ethical manner that honestly serves the needs of our customers and citizens of Pakistan.

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