Energy Decisions: Government reducing country to Stone Age

Islamabad: Samina Fazil, founder President, Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) on Sunday said the incumbent government failed to provide any relief to masses in 2011.

Controversial policies and unpopular decisions have made life very difficult for masses and business community, she said.

The present incapable setup is not expected to bring any change in the next year, said Samina Fazil while speaking to the women entrepreneurs.

She said that there is no shortage of gas and electricity in the country. Gas is being silently provided to some influential sectors while electricity sector is victim of mismanagement where thefts have touched 24 per cent of total production.

Samina said that recent CNG decision will hurt millions of families and businesses, bring new wave of price hike and add to the unemployment and uncertainty as well.

In 2011, on average masses braved 8 hours of load shedding, experienced CNG closure in summer, faced closure of thousands of businesses, saw three per cent fall in GDP, dwindling rupee and unprecedented rise of dollar, political uncertainty, scams worth billions and international disgrace, she observed.

Samina said that the critical sector of petroleum and natural resources is being run as a hospital which proves concern of rulers towards grave issues and plight of masses.

Country is reeling under various issues but the rulers lack interest, care or feeling which is ample proof of their tall claims of pro-poor policies.

She said that business community has lost any hope in the rulers.

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