Emergent meeting of Pakistan Soap Manufacturers Association held

Karachi: An emergent meeting of Pakistan Soap Manufacturers Association was held in a local Hotel of Karachi under the Chairmanship of Mr. Tariq Zakaria, in which the soap manufacturers expressed concern over SRO 191 (I) 2012.

He has urged the Chairman FBR to immediately suspend SRO 191 (I) 2012 till Federal Budget 2012-13 in the larger interest of the Business Community and de-block GST Filing Portal to allow registered taxpayers to file their returns without CNIC/NTN condition until the matter is finally resolved in the agreed timeframe with the consultation of all the stakeholders.

PSMA Senior Vice Chairman referred the meeting of Business Persons Council (PBC) held on April 5, 2012 at Islamabad under the Chairmanship of Finance Minister, in which it was decided that the said SRO will be suspended till the Budget and there will be some alternate mechanism for the documentation to replace the said SRO.

He further said, Unilateral decision should not be taken by FBR and this is very unfortunate that major changes have been made without consultation with the business and industrial community of Pakistan which has made it practically impossible to file the tax returns and would only result in declining tax revenue also force genuine tax payers` to operate outside the tax net. There are large numbers of Soap manufacturers in our Association, who contribute more than 1.6 Billion rupees revenue to the government.

He demanded that FBR should not burden the already registered tax payers by imposing condition of furnishing CNIC/NTN for their sales because business and Industrial community, already facing manifold problems like power, gas and water shortage, law and order situation.

Mr. Tariq Zakaria demanded that FBR should involve its own tax machinery and leave the Business Community alone to concentrate on its business, and to increase its income which result the enhanced tax revenue.

He urged that the dictates of FBR cannot be followed unless the majority of non-tax payers are brought into tax net without any discrimination. He also urged for equal treatment to the taxpayers by the tax collectors, with no discrimination in respect of penal action. Therefore, it is in the interest of the Business and Industrial Community and for National Exchequer to settle this issue as soon as possible.

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