Efforts to resolve problems of Pakistani workers in Dammam

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh are making every effort to resolve the difficulties being faced by Pakistan nationals working for M/s Saad Group of Companies in Dammam, due to nonpayment of dues.

Around 8000 employees from different nationalities including Saudi nationals are affected. The number of Pakistanis is about five hundred, who are based at three different locations.

The Embassy of Pakistan is in touch with Pakistani employees and the management of the company. The matter has also been taken up with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Labour and Social Development of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also taken up with this matter with the Government of Saudi Arabia through Saudi Embassy in Islamabad.

The Pakistan Embassy representatives have paid several visits to Dammam to meet the Pakistani workers and raise the matter with the Company management. The Company management has assured the Embassy that efforts are in hand to resolve the matter. Since some workers have filed their cases in the labour court, the Company is waiting for the court’s verdict. The Embassy is also assisting the Pakistani workers in finalization of their court cases. The Embassy representatives along with the representatives of the workers have met with the judge of the relevant court for an early resolution of the matter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh are making relentless efforts to ensure that Pakistan nationals are paid their dues and they are able to return to Pakistan, if they so desire.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs