Dry Ports should only be used for exports


Karachi: Government must consider limiting the use of dry ports in the country for exports only which will not only boost the exports but also restore Pakistan’s image which is being tarnished in international community due to criminal practices like misdeclaration of imports and even disappearance of whole containers of imported goods from dry ports without clearance.

This was stated by Saeed Shafiq, ex-President of KCCI, while briefing a group of journalists about challenges being faced by the steel industry in Pakistan.

Saeed further said that dry ports, made world over, are used to facilitate exports but in Pakistan these are being used mainly for imports which are not even slightly beneficial for the economy, he added.

Shafiq, having critical eye on the industrial progress of the country, said that the government policies, mismanagement and relaxation in import of the items already produced in Pakistan have added to the worries of the private industrialists and even turned government-owned once most profitable industries into the most losses incurring units.

He said that the menace of misdeclaration is not only causing losses of billions of rupees annually to national exchequer but also hurting the taxpaying importers as well as local manufacturers who are finding it hard to survive as the misdeclared imports are being sold at 50-60% lesser rates than the products made locally.

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