Dispatch of bonus share certificates of IGI Life Insurance Company Limited

Karachi, IGI Life Insurance Company Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the share certificates in respect of bonus share announced on October 25, 2016 have been dispatched to shareholders through the registered post/credited their respective accounts in the Central Depository System on December 30, 2016. IGI Life Insurance Limited (IGI Life) has marked the entry of IGI Financial Services into the Life Insurance arena through acquisition of controlling shares in American Life Insurance Company (Pakistan) Limited in April 2014. IGI Life is a leading provider of Life Insurance, Accident & Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Solutions. IGI Life is also amongst the first few companies who commenced Family Takaful business in 2015 under Window Takaful Operations enabling the Company to offer Shari’ah compliant products. The symbol “IGIL” is being used by the stock exchanges for the shares IGI life Insurance.