Discriminatory approaches at regional forums harming Pak interests

Karachi: All regional bodies working for strengthening of South Asian countries including SAARC have failed to benefit Pakistan due to discriminatory approaches.

“India is exporting goods of around four billion rupees in Pakistan per annum while latter’s export to India stands at around Rs 370 million, which is quite meagre if all available resources are counted,” said the Chairman of Economic Cooperation (ECO) Friendship Forum and Former Chairman Pakistan Russia Business Council Muhammad Farooq Afzal.

He said it was imperative for economic, social and educational development that all regional bodies must work with full commitment and sincerity without sidelining any of its member countries.

He questioned what Pakistan had achieved so far being the second largest country of SAARC, as according to him, such bodies were not playing their role in true essence as the people heading these organizations were working on their personal agendas.

He emphasized the need that Pakistan should have inter-state body such as Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) that could play its due role in strengthening the country. He said ECO would endeavour hard to improve bilateral ties with all its member countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kirghizstan and Kazakhstan.

ECO had arranged the meeting of ambassadors of all these countries at Karachi Chamber which was postponed due to law and order in recent days. The meeting will now be held in Islamabad, he said.

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