Cotton crop estimate based on unbiased data: Ministry of Textile Industry

Islamabad: The spokesperson of Ministry of Textile Industry has said that the initial estimate of cotton crop issued by CCAC for the current year is based on unbiased data and research.

He said that Cotton Crop Assessment Committee is the authentic and official forum for the cotton crop assessment in the country. It brings all stakeholders and experts of the country on one table to discuss and announce a close to real estimate.

The misleading figures being provided by the different organizations are based on their vested interests and these are attempts to malfunction the market.

The estimate of CCAC is mainly based on data provided by Crop Reporting Services of Provincial Agriculture Departments. The Crop Reporting Services conduct structured surveys at fortnightly intervals on 500 representative villages in the cotton growing areas.

The crop estimates are based on different factors like germination, plant population, average number of bolls per plant, average boll weight data, correlated with pest outbreak data, pest and disease prevalence, weather data, fertilizer and pesticide availability and usage, water availability and flood damages.

It was also informed that the cotton crop assessment of 12.22 million bales amounting to 2.078 million tons which is a preliminary estimate is based on international standard weight of bales i.e. 170 kg each.

While the bales being produced in our country are approximately of 150 kg. If, this weight is taken in to consideration the estimate rises to13.852 million bales. Ministry also urged the organizations to provide their estimates in tons to avoid this ambiguity.

Moreover, Ministry also highlighted that the decision regarding the estimate was made on a rational basis as per established methodology by mutual consultation and representative of all associations like APTMA, KCA, PCGA were present in the meeting.

It was also reiterated that it is an initial estimate and the estimate would be reviewed in the 2nd meeting of CCAC on 23rd November in consultation with the relevant stake holders.

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