Competition Commission of Pakistan to protect consumers` interest

Karachi: Competition Commission of Pakistan chairperson Rahat Kaunain Hassan said on Wednesday that the Competition Act, 2010 protected consumers from anti-competitive trade practices and urged the business community to identify the elements involved in exploitation of consumers.

Addressing a seminar on Competition Law here on Wednesday she said that the law fostered productivity and economic efficiency resulting in lower prices for consumers.

The point of convergence for competition law and consumer protection policy is to enhance consumers’ sovereignty, choice and improvement of services.

She added that both competition law and consumer protection law addressed market distortions where situations, transactions and outcomes caused market to fail creating choice.

She informed the audience that the commission had taken a number of enforcement actions in areas such as deceptive marketing, collusive bidding and cartelisation.

These enforcement actions were aimed at protecting consumers from exploitation by certain elements in the trading community. She urged the businessmen to approach the CCP on consumer issues and help identify anti-competitive business practices.

The commission in partnership with the Consumer Association of Pakistan will spread awareness of the Competition Act, 2010.

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