Commencement of Payments under Holocaust Deportation Claims Program and Establishment of Second-Round Filing Period

The Department of State is pleased to announce that it has begun making payments under the Holocaust Deportation Claims Program, established pursuant to the U.S.-France Agreement on Compensation for Holocaust-Related Deportation from France. The Program awards funds to living survivors of Holocaust-era deportation from France, living surviving spouses of persons who were victims of such deportations, and representatives of the estates of survivors and surviving spouses who are no longer living.

Approximately 30 survivors of deportation and some surviving spouses have received payment or are about to receive payment. We have also begun making payments to heirs of survivors and surviving spouses who are no longer alive. To date, the Department has paid 68 claims a total of $8,407,500 and has approved an additional 22 claims totaling an additional $2,548,500. The Department is continuing to process claims and expects to make additional payments throughout the coming months.

The Department is also pleased to announce that it is establishing a second-round filing period, to allow claimants who may have missed the original deadline to have an opportunity to submit a claim. The second-round filing period will open on September 15, 2016 and close on January 20, 2017. Program requirements will remain the same, and payments for eligible second-round claims will be made out of the funds remaining after all eligible first-round claims have been paid.

Second-round submissions must be postmarked by January 20, 2017 to receive consideration. Submissions may be emailed to, faxed to 202-776-8389, or mailed to:

Office of the Legal Adviser

International Claims and Investment Disputes

Suite 203, South Building

2430 E Street, NW

Washington, DC 20037-2800

Please visit for more information. Questions may be directed by email to or by phone to 202-776-8385.

Source: U.S. State Department