Collectively 256 Billion Rupees Has Been Allocated For School Education

Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs & Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sandhu said that hardworking and competent male and female students are the symbol of bright future of Pakistan. He said that young generation should promote the culture of education and research. He said that without the use of latest technology it is hard to compete with international standards in the field of education and research. Punjab government has added 47 percent additional budget for the upcoming year in the education sector as compare to the previous budget. Collectively 256 billion Rupees has been allocated for school education moreover 46 billion and 80 crore allocated for higher education.

Khalil Tahir Sandhu expressed these views while attending a meeting with delegation of male female students of private University, here today. He said that Punjab government has taken revolutionary steps in the field of education. He said that due to the personal interest of Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif basic facilities are provided in more than 52 thousand schools of Punjab, entry of additional 14 lakh students and worked for maintaining teachers’ attendance up to 92 percent and selection of 1 lakh and 35 thousand new teachers on the basis of merit. He said that Punjab government is taking various steps not only for traditional education but also taking interest in technical education. He said that due TEVTA approximately 4 lakh 5 thousand students has received technical training till date. He said that along with traditional education, learning technical has become basic need to meet international standards. He said that for this cause more than 20 lakh students will get technical and vocational training in Punjab under skilled strategy 2018. Moreover, 4 lakh laptops will be distributed on merit. He told that this year 100 percent increase has been made in Punjab endowment fund. Punjab government is providing scholarships to the competent male and female students in world’s best universities for Master, M. Phil and PHD courses. Khalil Tahir Sandhu said that in this year Punjab government has sent competent and hardworking students to foreign universities. He said that I am hopeful that young generation will contribute in the national development in a positive way while using education, research and technology as a tool.

Source: Government of the Punjab