Chinese company ready to build hydro power plant at Sukkur Barrage

Karachi: Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, Sindh Minister for Electric Power Shazia Marri has said government has started taking measures to counter power crisis in the province and a collaborative effort in this regard with China has been initiated which will not merely enhance power generation of the existing plants, but will also explore means of generation from coal, water, air and solar energy.

She said this after meeting a 6-member delegation which was led by President CWE Wang Yu, a power generation company of China.

Lauding CWE’s performance, Marri said the company has been playing pivotal role in power generation for the last 60 years. She said the company’s officials had met CM Qaim Shah in February this year and showed interest in investing in the energy sector here.

The minister informed that officials of CWE, besides showing interests in collectively working on coal project, also showed interest in working on a hydro power project on River Sindh.

Sharing some good news, Marri said there are 5 such points in River Sindh where hydro power projects can be built, whereas there is one specific point at Sukkur Barrage where the project can be built immediately.

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