Chaudhry Akram elected as President of OGDCL Labour Union

ISLAMABAD: Chaudhry Mohammad Akram from Labour Union CBA has won the All Pakistan Oil and Gas Company (OGDCL) election for year 2012.

While addressing on this occasion Joint Secretary Ghulam Shabbir and Secretary General Kalim Khan congratulated the Labour Union and specially Ch. Mohammad Akram. They further added that we will continue supporting our members in time of need and ensure our performance exceed the expectations of our supporters.

They appreciated the labour friendly policies of Chaudhry Mohammad Akram and express the hope that he will do his best to protect labour’s right. During their address they further said that we hope that Mohammad Akram will also play an important role for the betterment and prosperity of the OGDCL’s workers.

Chaudhry Mohammad Akram had won the election consecutively for the third time, while addressing on the occasion Ch. Mohammad Akram thanked Ghulam Shabbir and all supporter and ensured that he and his team will do everything to defend workers’ rights.

Our victory in All Pakistan Oil and Gas Company is evident of our workers focused policies and clear agenda. He further thanked all supporters and workers for their faith and trust in him and his team.

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