Cement: Local dispatches declined by 9 percent in 11MFY11

LAHORE: As per the data released by All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) for the month of May 11, during the 11MFY11 local dispatches recorded a decline of 7% YoY to 19.95m tons as against 21.46m tons in 11MFY11. On monthly basis, during the month of May 11, local dispatches dropped by 10% YoY to 1.88m tons as against 2.080m tons in the same period last year. On MoM basis local dispatches during the month of May 11 also seen lower by 8% to 1.88m tons against the previous month.

During 11MFY11 export dispatches were also recorded 13% YoY lower to 8.35m tons as against 9.76m tons in the same period last year. Cement exports to India were seen 20% YoY lower to 0.52m tons as against 0.65m tons in 11MFY11.

Exports through sea also substantially declined by 31% YoY as these reached 3.60m tons as against 5.20m tons in the same period last year. Afghanistan remained the only destination where exports witnessed a growth of 17% YoY to 4.25m tons in comparison of 3.64m tons in corresponding period last year. On monthly basis, exports to Afghanistan and India in May 11 posted a recorded a sharp decline of 36% and 23% YoY to 0.57m tons and 0.89m tons respectively. As far as the MoM basis exports are concerned, these were recorded 6% lower compare to previous month.

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