Cellular phone subscription reaches 107 million

LAHORE: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reported that overall cellular phone subscription has reached 107 million with increase of 2.7 million new numbers in the past two months.

The teledensity of cellular sector have also seen a surge of 1.6 in last two months to reach 64.8 by April.

Besides, all five operators have added new subscriptions in their base and achieve average growth to widen their users’ base at all-time high level.

Zong has achieved a milestone to breach a benchmark of 10 million of subscribers’ base by April. It has added 1.13 million subscriptions in its base, which is the highest growth in users’ number among all operators of the market in the month of March and April. Zong’s constitute 40 percent of its share in overall industry growth in the subscribers’ number during the period under review.

Telenor remained impressive to attract number of subscribers towards its network as 0.674 million new users have been added in March and April. Telenor’s overall subscription increased to 26 million by April 2011.

Mobilink added handsome number of users to increase its overall base nearly 33 million. It added 0.464 million to base at 32.9 million.

Warid number of subscribers was seen modest growth of 0.343 million in March and April, standing at 18 million with aggressive approach in the market.

Ufone number of subscription was slightly surge with 65,407 new users in months under review. The cellular operators though record comparatively less number of users but it’s revenues are continue to increase with high usage by its customers.

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