CDWP APPROVES 14 PROJECTS OF WORTH RS 139.5 BILLION. Islamabad: December 23, 2016

The Central Development Working Party( CDWP) approved three significant projects of worth Rs 108 billion related to the areas situated around CPEC alignment to enhance mobility and to ensure socio � economic development.

Overall, the CDWP approved 14 projects of worth Rs 139.5 billion, including five project costing Rs 131 billion, which were referred to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC). In addition it approved one position paper and gave concept clearance of one project .

The meeting was chaired by Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Prof Ahsan Iqbal, and was attended by senior officers of the provincial governments and ministries concerned.

The CDWP referred rehabilitation of NHA highway KKH(N -35) between Thakot- Raikot of worth Rs 8.5 billion to ECNEC. The project envisages rehabilitation of 136.4 km remaining portion of existing KKH between Thahkot and Raikot which was damaged due to monsoon rains and flash floods 2010.Under this project breast walls and retaining walls will be constructed along with construction of causeway as well as culverts. While giving his observation on the project Ahsan Iqbal directed authorities to rationalize the cost and review the design of the project .

Another significant project as part of western rout of CPEC which was referred to ECNEC is dualization and improvement of existing N-50 from Yarak -Sagu � Zhob including Zhob by pass of worth Rs 80.8billion . The project envisages construction of 210 km 4 lane highway starting from Yarik on N-55 to Zhob on N-50 via Sagu, Daraban , Mughal Kot and Manikhuwa .The project will help the development of the backward areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces.

The CDWP also recommended construction of 2 lane highway from Basima to Khuzdar with cost Rs 19.7 billion to ECNEC. The project aims to enhance the mobility of the underdeveloped area of district Khuzdar , Balochistan province and will play a vital role for the development of deprived population of the province .

In transport and communication sector CDWP also approved development and construction of port allied structures in Mullah Band Area Gwadar of worth Rs 2650 million .

Moreover in energy sector CDWP approved and referred enhancement in transformation capacity of NTDC system by extension and augmentation of existing grid stations of worth Rs 16.5 billion with FEC Rs 12 billion and conversion of existing 220 KV substation at Bund road , Kala Shah Kaku , Ravi and Nishatabad to GIS technology of worth Rs 5.7 billion with FEC 3.1 billion to ECNEC.

In physical planning and housing sector CDWP approved Wash projects in Southern districts of KP under RAHA through Pakistan Italian Debt Swap Agreement ( PIDSA) of worth Rs 150 million , construction of Intelligence Bureau (IB) office along with CPEC of worth Rs 482 million and construction of conference rooms and offices at Prime Minister’s House Islamabad costing Rs 298 million .

The CDWP approved renovation and rehabilitation of physical infrastructure of 200 educational institutions under Prime Minister Education Sector Reforms Program in ICT, Islamabad with worth Rs 2.9 billion .

In information technology sector , CDWP approved umbrella PC-1 for private cloud center FBR and strengthening FBR’s capacity in fiscal research and tax policy analysis of worth Rs 512 million . Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal suggested to develop a mobile application to enable online registration and filing of tax returns . He further recommended that FBR should collaborate with PIDE to enhance research capability and capacity building.

In science and technology sector CDWP approved acquisition of land for establishment of King Hamad University of nursing and allied sciences in Islamabad by government of kingdom of Bahrain with Rs 313 million .

The CDWP approved feasibility study for sustainable development of Mini dam command area in the Potohar region of worth Rs 39 million . It also approved bridging the job market skill gap for general postgraduate degree holder of Rs 393 million .

In addition CDWP approved position paper of development scheme in district Shangla of worth Rs 300 million and gave concept clearance of strengthening of early warning system of Pakistan- Met department of worth Rs 19 billion with FEC 14 billion.

Source: Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage.