Cattle farm hails Karachi show

Karachi: A cattle farm from the flood-stricken Badin district on Monday hailed the Sindh government for holding a cattle show and agricultural exhibition in Karachi, saying it would help attain true potential of Sindh’s livestock sector.

Mir Sikandar Khan Jamali, the General Manager of Pir Muhammad Sadiq Cattle Farm, Luari Sharif, also referred to a high attendance of the people to the show, who watched a variety of species of birds, animals and fishes.

The Pir Muhammad Sadiq Cattle Farm Luari Sharif outclassed its rivals, when its Thari bull crowned as the Best Animal of the Livestock, Dairy, Fisheries, Poultry and Agriculture LDFA Exhibition and Seminar 2012. In all the farm bagged eight prizes with top-notch included the best Bull, the best Cow, and the best Heifer in both the cow and buffalo categories.

“Shows provide the opportunity to the owners to compare their cattle in breed, beauty and fitness,” Jamali said. “We came here despite the worst flood in our district Badin and we are proud that our despite all odds, the Cattle Farm performed well.”

Jamali said hailed the organisers for the good arrangements in Karachi and said he would urge the government to hold this type of exhibitions regularly to improve a healthy competition among the livestock and dairy farmers.

The Pir Muhammad Sadiq Cattle Farm Luari Sharif, he said, has won prizes everywhere in Pakistan, including the Horse and Cattle Show in Lahore. He added that the Karachi show has all the potential to become the biggest cattle show in the country.

Giving history of the Pir Muhammad Sadiq Cattle Farm, he said the farm was established more than 150 years ago. Now it is owned by the 9th Pir of Luari Sharif, Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi. The farm, he added, boasts of the pure-bred Thari cow and Kundi buffalo.

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