Cargo Handling During The Last 24 Hours At Karachi Port

Karachi: Three container vessels are due to reach at the outer anchorage of Karachi Port on Friday. Three container vessels and a general cargo vessel have acquired safe berthing at the port. The ships berthed at the port during the last 24 hours are ABTIN-1, APL BRISBANE, CAP VERDE and SEAGULL K.

Six ships have departed the port during the last 24 hours. The departing ships are LODESTAR GENESIS, ZANTE, HANJIN DURBAN, CHARIOT, MARCAMPANIA and SEA MERCHANT. CAP VERDE, CHAMPION PRIDE and CHEM WORLD are due to sail out on Friday.

Three container vessels – C S L RIDE, APL SHARJAH and YM NORTH; and a chemical vessel carrying 4,1358 tonnes of Rock Phosphate are due to arrive at port on Friday.

A total tonnage of 66,879 comprising 52,636 tonnes of export cargo and 14,243 tonnes of import cargo was handled by the port.

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