Canadian Cooper Minerals commences work on Pakistan Coal Project

Vancouver: Cooper Minerals Inc., says work has commenced on its coal project in Pakistan where Cooper holds a 60% interest in AJK Coal Mining Co. (Private) Ltd., which holds an option to acquire a 100% interest in a 2,230 acre thermal coal property, and an application for an additional 200 square kilometres.

Initial work program consists of surveying underground mine workings and mapping and sampling of coal seams located in these workings. This program is designed to assess potential for near term coal production. There are local markets for coal production in the area including a cement plant.

The properties consist of 2,230 acres of land, and an application for an additional 200 square kilometres, for exploration and production of coal located within Kotli coal district, Azad Jammu & Kashmir AJK.

Pakistan ranks seventh amongst the top-20 countries of the world so far as coal resources are concerned. Pakistan’s coal reserves are 97-per-cent lignite rank, and vast deposits of these occur in the AJK and Thar in Sindh province.

Simon Tam, President of the Company, commented: “With commencement of this work program, Cooper has assembled initial building blocks for a modern coal company. The combination of quality properties, qualified people and well designed work programs are ingredients for Company’s growth.”

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