Bright prospects of export of mangoes to US

Agriculture and Livestock

Multan –– President of Mango Grower Association Pakistan (MGAP) Syed Zahid Hussain Gardezi said that it is expected the US will import around 500,000 metric tonnes mangoes from Pakistan.

The national exporters should fulfil the required packing criteria as desired by United States Department of Agriculture. All importer companies in the US will have permits by 4th week of May from APHIS (Animal Plant Health and Inspection Service).

This is going to be first season for Pakistani mangoes in US therefore USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) APHIS and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have a very long and extensive requirements and regulations, Zahid Gardezi said.

These rules and regulations show a lot of risk factors, which may affect negatively on the possibility of importing mangoes from Pakistan. There are 700,000 Pakistani Americans in the United States who are anxiously waiting for this product due to exotic taste, which is not much available in other mangoes of different countries. Packaging to be used for mango export to USA should be strong and simple in design. The master carton would be 20×24 inches chosen material as required by Sadex Corporation-Sioux City, he added.

To compliance agreement with USDA, the exporters would be required to develop packaging and send the same for approval to USDA and Sadex Corporation.

According to him, the exporters are also required to get a guaranty letter from the manufacturers of the material used in their packaging citing all the ingredients of the materials used thereof as required by USDA. He said USAID has trained about 1483 mango growers across the country for enhancing production of the fruit as well as increasing its export during the coming season. Pakistani mango varieties surpass its competitors for having a unique aroma and sweetness.

European Union and Middle East are the bigger importers of Pakistani mangoes. Southeast Asian people overseas take this fruit as a gift from their own soil. Pakistan produces more than 100 varieties of mango while its export was recorded at 85,000 metric tonnes last years, he added.

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