Brazil to help Pakistan produce Ethanol to stabilize petroleum prices

Islamabad –– Brazil and Pakistan produce huge amount of sugarcane and Brazil will soon establish its industry to help Pakistan in producing Ethanol from sugarcane which would bring about stability in petroleum prices and also control price-hiking in Pakistan.

Alfredo Leoni Ambassador of Brazil stated this during a meeting with President Pakistan Muslim League and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Senator Salim Saifullah Khan.

Both the dignitaries discussed important bilateral, regional and international issues of high importance. Alfredo Leoni said that Pakistan has huge potential in agriculture but the problem is that it has not included modern techniques in its agriculture sector. He highlighted that Brazil produces huge amount of ethanol from sugarcane which has decreased its dependency on petrol and price-hiking has also controlled. He further highlighted that production of sugarcane in both Brazil and Pakistan is probably the same however; Pakistan did not develop its industry to produce ethanol from sugarcane.

He told that if Pakistan developed its industry to produce ethanol from sugarcane, it will help Pakistan to decrease its dependency on petrol and it can easily control price-hiking and can give relief to its nation. He has also mentioned that in Brazil millions of vehicles run on ethanol and in industries and factories it is the basic commodity to be used there. He  assured that Brazil will materialize several projects which are in-pipe between the two countries to produce ethanol and bring stability in petroleum prices and price-hiking in Pakistan.

He, while appreciating Pakistan role in war on terror has said that Pakistan is top of the list in terms of its role in regional peace and the international community has agreed that peace in Afghanistan is impossible without Pakistan.

Senator Salim Saifullah Khan also appreciated Brazil development and said that Brazil for being four fast developing countries of the world has become a role model for most of the countries of the world. He further said that Pakistan and Brazil should further develop their bilateral cooperation for the best interest of both the nations and this region. He said that Pakistan has suffered 42 billion dollars due to war on terror and urged upon international community to help Pakistan economy at this critical time who is fighting war on terror for the sack of world peace. He also mentioned that Pakistani forces sacrifices in war on terror is more than that of NATO forces as 3000 Pakistani army officials have sacrificed their lives in war against terror. Salim Saifullah Khan also accepting the invitation of Brazilian Ambassador assured that he would visit his country in near future.

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