Automation of Sindh Bank operations

Karachi: AutoSoft Dynamics has signed an agreement with Sindh Bank Ltd. to provide its Auto BANKER software to automate their core banking operations in over 150 branches, of which almost 50 are already in operation to date. The banking solution was chosen over products presented by 6 other local and international software vendors.

The Auto BANKER software package has fast become the go-to banking solution for the Pakistani financial services industry. Its modular architecture and real-time online processing functionalities have allowed banks and other institutions to streamline their core banking services as well as automate more complex banking operations, including trade finance operations and treasury automation. The complete end to end product suite also contains additional modules that automate administrative tasks such as human capital and fixed asset management.

Lutufullah Khan, Chairman & CEO AutoSoft Dynamics commented, “At AutoSoft we have accumulated over two decades of experience while working with domestic and international financial institutions. During this time we have developed a strong reputation by meeting tight deadlines and exceeding user expectations with our banking solutions. We have no doubt that Auto BANKER will enhance Sindh Bank’s outreach while providing them the flexibility to rapidly establish new branches in line with their aggressive growth plans.”

Muhammad Bilal Sheikh, President & CEO, Sindh Bank Limited mentioned that despite Sindh Bank being a new entrant in Pakistan’s financial services industry, it has already made noticeable strides in the sector. With aggressive plans for growth, he foresees the bank becoming a catalyst to augment trade and industry in Pakistan, while empowering the people by providing easy access to its banking facilities. With the aid of Auto BANKER Sindh Bank will be able to fulfil its commitment to the people and play a significant role in their economic development.

Commenting on the tender evaluation process, Wahid Ahmed, an independent consultant from KPMG, said that the entire tender process, from bidding to evaluation, was carefully monitored to ensure transparency in proceedings and adherence to Sindh Bank’s evaluation criteria. AutoSoft was selected on the basis of being ranked high in both technical and financial evaluations.

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