American P&I Club surveys ship recycling in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh

Karachi: It is anticipated that in excess of 25 million dwt for scrapping will have wound up on beaches of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh by end of this year, according to American P&I Club.

This is one measure of rate of scrapping contained in a comprehensive review of ship recycling in Indo-Pak subcontinent and beyond reported in American P&I Club magazine Currents. Shashank Agrawal, legal advisor Wirana Shipping Corporation, Singapore, describes recycling progress as being in leaps and bounds as worldwide shipping industry struggles against some of toughest times it has ever seen. Wirana since 1983 negotiated over 1,700 vessels and delivered total deadweight in excess of 48 million.

Agrawal says company provides important economic and distribution function to owners as they deal with one single entity, which in turn deals with 300 recyclers between India, Pakistan, China (north & south), Turkey & Bangladesh. He describes legal situation as it affects ship recycling in India, Bangladesh & Pakistan, recycling capacities in those three countries, and state of ISO certifications in them.

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