All Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Association wants exclusion of polyester staple fibre from negative import list

Karachi: All Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Association (APTMA) urged Ministry of Commerce to exclude polyester staple fibre PSF from the negative list that is currently being finalized with India.

APTMA hopes the issue would be taken up for discussion with Indian Commerce & Industry Minister, Anand Sharma, who is three-day visit to boost bilateral trade relations between the two countries. PSF is basic raw material for making synthetic textiles and making its free import from India would benefit all synthetic-oriented industries from yarn to garments. Sheikh Muhammad Akbar, Central Vice Chairman APTMA said, “APTMA has urged Commerce Ministry not to include PSF in negative list because we want to have a fair price in our market. Production capacity in Pakistan is not enough to meet demand. Currently, we import it from China and other countries because we could not import from India, though it would have been cheaper for us to do so.”

“Yarn is freely importable from India but they are restricting PSF to be imported from India, which would mean they can dump yarn into our market. So, to compete with them, we need to have PSF freely importable from India. If they do not let fibre PSF freely importable to our country, it will create price difference and yarn made from PSF would become very costly.”

On other issues likely to be taken up during Indian Minister’s visit, he said, “There are certain entities which are a real concern for Pakistan. There are different duties, taxes that prevail in various Indian provinces and there are some laboratories in India where we need to send our products for testing, which is also a cumbersome process. We are going to ask Indian Minister to make processes less complicated. If Pakistan does not levy any tax on Indian goods, then there should not be any taxes from other side also. This will enable both countries to avail mutual benefits.”

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