Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia FMs agree on political solution in Libya

Algiers (IINA) � The foreign ministers of Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt held a tripartite meeting on Monday in Algiers, to discuss the situation in Libya and find a political solution to the crisis in order to tackle security issues, especially combating Daesh.

At the conclusion of their closed-door meeting in the capital Algiers, the foreign ministers of Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia said that their discussion focused on the unity, the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Libya, as well as the national cohesion of its people.

The ministers also agreed on the political solution as a way to address the crisis in Libya through inclusive dialogue and rejected foreign and military intervention.

The meeting aims to reinforce the political process in Libya…on the path toward sustainable peace and national reconciliation, said Algerian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdelaziz Benali Cherif.

The tripartite meeting followed those held in Tunisia on February 19-20 and in Algeria on May 8.

Source: International Islamic News Agency