The agency expands its interaction with the media, digital world and the public.

Rome, September 29, 2016Agi, a key player in national and international communication, has strengthened its media offer in order to focus on the innovation opportunities offered by digital technology and make its relationships with stakeholders, media and the public broader and even more transparent. In line with this vision, Agi has appointed, since October 3, Riccardo Luna and Marco Pratellesi as editor and co-editor in chief respectively of Agi Agenzia Giornalistica Italia..

Luna, 51, has spent 10 years at La Repubblica. He founded and has been editor of three magazines: “Campus”, “Il Romanista” and “Wired”. From 2014 until last summer he was Italy’s Digital Champion, a figure responsible for  leading national initiatives to “help every European become digital”. In 2009 Riccardo Luna has promoted the candidacy of the Internet for the Nobel Peace Prize; in 2012 he has founded Wikitalia, the association that endeavors is vice president of Make in Italy Foundation since 2013. He was the editor of the Cotec Foundation Report on Innovation in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2016. In 2013 he was awarded the “Lagrange Prize” for the diffusion and promotion of the culture of complexity. He also teaches at Scuola Holden. He is a member of the advisory board of “Matera 2019”.  Luna is a presenter of tv and radio programs and he is a protagonist of several initiatives and connected events in the world of digital start-ups.

Pratellesi, 59, leaves the magazine L’Espresso where he has been editor of the online edition since 2013. Over the years, he has worked for Paese Sera, La Nazione, La Voce di Indro Montanelli, Corriere della Sera and Condé Nast. He was previously editor of Poligrafici Editoriale’s online newspapers and of He has also worked as head of online at Condé Nast. Marco Pratellesi is among the founders of the aggregation platform Social Italia 2013, which designed for Italian political elections. In 1997 he won the “Reporter of the Year” award and is author of several publications on the transformation of journalism in the digital age.

Roberto Iadicicco leaves the agency in order to undertake the responsibility of the external communication of Eni Foundation.

Agi’s CEO Alessandro Pica said: “Under the guarantee that these new appointments will guarantee a continuity with the past, I want to express my gratitude to Roberto Iadicicco for his balance in leading the agency during those years. We want to promote the path of innovation by continuing to seize the opportunities offered by the new digital age. Agi wants to be a global leader in the communications arena and a leading producer of content on vital issues, sharing these with our community of stakeholders as well as with the public and the Country System.”

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