Accord signed with Turkey for cotton export

ISLAMABAD: A Turkish member of Board Agaoglu and owner of Dada Private Sons and Star Cotton Private Atif Saeed Dada met with Federal Minister for Professional and Technical training Riaz Pirzada to sign agreements of exporting cotton to Turkey.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan urged the desire to settle their trade agreements with Pakistan government after trade break up with Israel. In the first step feasibility and capacity of Pakistan to export their cotton would be checked and from upcoming year cotton would be exported to Turkey. It is hoped upto 5 million bales of cotton will be export to Turkey.

Atif Saeed said Pakistan itself was a rich consumer of cotton but we would prefer Turkey to import surplus cotton over other neighbouring states.

Riaz Pirzada said with this agreement, in the upcoming months the price of cotton would hike and farmers would earn sound benefits.

He said after China, our trade with Turkey would open new avenues for traders and it would help Pakistan to stabilise its economy.

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