25 commodities register 13% price increase in July 2011

ISLAMABAD: The prices of 25 commodities including poultry products, meat, vegetables, cooking oil, kitchen fuel and some pulses and fruits registered an average increase of 13 percent while 17 commodities registered an average decrease of 4 percent, which is too meagre to offset the sharp increase in the price of important consumer items ahead of Ramazan.

According to FAFEN’s Retail Price Monitor for the month of July 2011, Tomato (157%), potato (18%), chicken meat (18%), eggs (13%), LPG (12%), onion (5%), chickpeas (3%) and wheat flour (2%) registered an increase in their respective prices. Banana showed a highest decline (11%) among the commodities registered decrease in price followed by ginger (10%).

FAFEN monitors collected prices of 46 commodities on July 10, 2011 from designated retail outlets in 145 towns in 77 districts across the four provinces and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

The highest increase was registered in the price of tomato that increased by 157 percent. The price of tomato increased from an average of Rs 22 per kilogram in June 2011 to Rs 56 per kilogram in July 2011. The price of potato also increased by 18 percent.

The price wheat flour increased by 2 percent. The price of poultry products also increased, with the highest increase registered in the price of chicken meat (18%), followed by chicken live (15%) and eggs per dozen (13%). Mutton and beef each experienced an increase of 3 percent in their prices, respectively.

The price of mustard oil and cooking oil increased by 4 percent and 1 percent respectively in July 2011 as compared to their prices in June 2011.

In kitchen fuels, the price of LPG registered an increase of 12 percent whereas the price of firewood decreased by 2 percent in July as compared to June 2011.

Of the rice varieties, the price of rice basmati-broken increased by 2 percent while rice-irri increased by 1 percent. However, rice basmati-386 registered a decrease of 1 percent in its price in the observed month as compared to the previous one.

Pulses including gram pulse, white beans, chickpeas and gram black registered an increase of 5 percent, 5 percent, 4 percent and 3 percent in their respective prices while other pulses like red beans, mash pulse and moong pulse registered a decrease of 4 percent, 2 percent and 1 percent in their prices, respectively.

Almost all the observed condiments and spices registered a price decrease, the highest of which was observed in the price of ginger that decreased by 10 percent followed by garlic, salt powder, turmeric and red chillies powder with a decrease of 6 percent, 3 percent, 2 percent and 2 percent, respectively.

In fruits, varieties of apples-golden and dark red registered an increase of 25 percent and 18 percent respectively, price of milk dipped by 1 percent, the price of yoghurt also decreased by 1 percent. Sugar and desi shakar each registered an increase of 2 percent in their prices. The price of prepared teacup using both milk and sugar as inputs, registered an increase of 3 percent in July as compared to June 2011.

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