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‫دنیا کے ساتھ قدم سے قدم ملا کر ،مستقبل سے بات کرتے ہوئے: گوانگژو کا نانشا سائی ٹیک اختراعات کے نئے اُفق دریافت کررہاہے۔

نانشا،چین،20نومبر،2020 / ژن ہوا-ایشیا نیٹ/ — 17نومبر کونانشا میں منعقد ہونے والے 2020 ایسٹ ٹیک ویسٹ  کے موقع پر ضلع گوانگژو کے نانشا کے میئر ڈونگ کے کا کہناتھا “ ہم مشکلات کو عبور کرکے مقررہ وقت پر ملے،اور ایک بار پھر عالمی سائنسی اور ٹیکنالوجی کی اشرافیہ کو نانشا لے کر آئے۔” “وبا کے […]

PIA to Undergo Financial Restructuring as Airline’s Revenue Increases

Financial restructuring of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is well on the way and would be finalized soon, Business Recorder reported on Friday, quoting PIA CEO, Air Marshal Arshad Malik. He said that the PIA’s revenue has increased, and the previous two months (September and October) have seen positive gross earnings. Furthermore, he remarked that the efforts made

Govt Announces Rs. 600 Billion for Development Projects in Southern Balochistan

The Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, Asad Umar, recently spoke about the government’s plans to spend Rs. 600 billion on development projects in nine districts of southern Balochistan during the next three years. The federal government will provide Rs. 540 billion and the Government of Balochistan will contribute the remaining Rs. 60 billion.

IUB successfully evolves three new cotton varieties of IUB-13, IUB-222 and MM-58

Islamia University Bahawalpur’s department of plant breeding and genetics has successfully evolved three new cotton varieties of IUB-13, IUB-222 and MM-58. Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof Dr Athar Mahboob told our Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur Correspondent that the university is continuing its research and soon will evolve another cotton variety IUB-4 which will be resistant

Govt to engage stakeholders on proposed Pakistan-Afghanistan Preferential Trade Agreement: Adviser on Commerce

Adviser on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood says Ministry of Commerce will engage with all stakeholders on the items to be placed in the proposed Pakistan-Afghanistan Preferential Trade Agreement. In a tweet on Friday, he said the Ministry is looking at Engineering, Pharma, Cement, Building materials, Fruit, vegetables, and other items. The Advisor asked all stakeholders

Future of Pakistan directly linked with industrialization: Chairman Senate

Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani says future of Pakistan is directly linked with industrialization, as it would not only help industrialists to earn profit but also create much more needed job opportunities. Talking to media after inauguration of a new textile spinning mills at Faisalabad Industrial Estate on Friday, he invited the investors to invest in