Daily Archives: November 11, 2020

Pakistan Slips Down in Absence of Corruption Index: WJP

According to a World Justice Project (WJP) survey conducted by Gallup, Pakistan ranks at 116th among 128 countries surveyed on the Absence of Corruption Index. As per the report, the survey results are based on Factor 2 of the WJP Rule of Law Index which measures the absence of corruption in government. The factor considers

Pakistan’s Transition to a Market-Based Exchange Rate Has Led to an Orderly Two-Way Movement

Since June 2019, Pakistan has transitioned to a market-based exchange rate regime, resulting for the first time ever in an orderly two-way movement of exchange rates in the country, said Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Dr. Reza Baqir during an interactive session with leading foreign investors and members of the Overseas Investors Chamber of

Pakistan LPG Marketers Association demands Govt to declare LPG sector a major industry

Pakistan LPG Marketers Association has demanded the government to declare the LPG sector a major industry. In a statement from Lahore, Chairman of the Association, Adeeb Iqbal Sheikh said that LPG produces 90pc less pollution as compared to traditional fuel. He said that currently there is annual LPG consumption of one point two million metric